Interview with Sian Parry Jones


We recently caught up with destination spa and wellness consultant and interior design diva that is Sian Parry Jones. Sian is the founder of the
beautiful Fletcher’s Cottage Spa at East Lothian’s Archerfield House; a busy interior designer, with clients in both the residential and commercial sector and co-founder of the iconic cocktail bar in Soho, Archer Street. We are thrilled to share our interview with her here and discover how such a busy lady keeps healthy and well.


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Can you tell us a bit about your work and life right now. What you do and how you spend your free time or if you have any hobbies ?

My work can be quite varied from day to day and it often involves a lot of travelling. Part of my design ethic is to reuse what I can, where I can. I like to work with reclaimed materials such as wood and stone – I love the texture and unique character that they can bring to a project.

My son Morgan is in his fourth and final year at Edinburgh University, studying geography; working at Archerfield House makes it easy to keep in touch. I relish good food, cooking and entertaining – so catching up with friends over a meal is something that I enjoy greatly.

What is a typical day or week like for you ?

Busy – I probably spend far too much time on my laptop, iPad and phone! I am fortunate to have a base in both London and Somerset but, I tend bounce between them both and wherever my work takes me (which, most recently, has included Warwickshire, Méribel, Antigua and Jersey). I designed the interiors for Fletchers Cottage Spa at Archerfield House in Edinburgh and, as their Brand Guardian, I’m there regularly too. It was here that I discovered Beatitude Products and the Supreme Happiness Treatment and the Back Bliss Treatment were created.

Treatment Room - Beatitude Supreme Happiness Treatment

Fletcher’s Cottage Spa Treatment Room

I try to undertake some form of exercise at least once a day (even if it’s a brisk walk to clear the cobwebs) but occassinsaly I will take myself off for a 7-10 day ‘bootcamp’ to kick things up a notch! I’ve also got a ‘NutriBullet Ninja’ which I love using, to make a ‘green’ based smoothie each morning.

What do you do to relax or to switch off ?

My roots are in Somerset so I go back as often as I can; it’s a bit of a sanctuary for me being surrounded by green fields and clean air. I’m quite a social person as well, so getting together with friends and family, I find, is also great way to unwind and destress.

 What is your favourite beatitude product and why do you love this ?

I adore the ‘Joy Body Oil’. I use it after every shower because it’s so hydrating and it has a beautifully light, uplifting citrus scent – my skin feels amazing after I’ve applied it!

Joy Body Oil - Beatitude Aromatherapy