Beatitude Comfort Candles

Reveal Natural Radiance

Beatitude Comfort Candles
Beatitude Comfort Candles

Relax &

Beatitude Comfort Candles
Beatitude Comfort Candles

& glow

Beatitude Comfort Candles
Beatitude Comfort Candles


Beatitude Comfort Candles

Award Winning Aromatherapy

Green Parent Natural Beauty Award Sliver for Beat Bath Treat 2015
Winner of the Platinum Award 2014
Beatitude Comfort Candles

Comfort Candle

Our luxury aromatherapeutic candle that infuses well-being
Beatitude Comfort Candles
Say thank you with the gift of Beatitude Aromatherapy

“The most uplifting bath fragrance I know”

Fiona Klonarides, Editor, The Beauty Shortlist
Say thank you with the gift of Beatitude Aromatherapy

about beatitude

Beatitude is a unique natural aromatherapy brand which has been
created by the beauty therapist and aromatherapist
Rebecca O’Connor BSc (Hons).
About Beatitude and Rebecca O'Connor

The word Beatitude means supreme happiness/blessedness and it is our aim that all Beatitude products bring about a sense of happiness, calm and well-being.

Founder Rebecca O’Connor Bsc (Hons) beauty therapist and aromatherapist with over twenty-five year’s experience, created the Beatitide products using only 100% natural high quality ingredients. The unique Beatitude Bath Oils produce gentle natural bubbles that disperse fully in the water. Leaving your skin sumptuously soft, with no lingering greasy residue.

Each Beatitude Bath and Body Oil combines therapeutic pure essential oils working  in synergy with exquisite nourishing plant oils of Oat oil, Camellia oil and Peach Kernel oil. This combination of carefully selected plant oils has been chosen due to the superb nourishing benefits to soothe and nourish your skin, and each Beatitude product has a unique light texture with the silky smooth non-greasy feel of a serum.

The Beatitude products offers you a chance to enjoy fabulous aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home. You can never expect or plan when you will have a stressful day and with the Beatitude products ready to serve you, you will have be able to create a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Treat your mind and your body to a sensory journey. Create a sense of harmony and well being.

our story

Rebecca O'Connor Beatitude Products

Beatitude has been created from the heart and mind of it’s founder, beauty therapist and aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor.

Rebecca trained with Geraldine Howard at Aromatherapy Associates in 1991 and has continually worked in the beauty and aromatherapy industry.

The opportunity to create distinctive aromatherapy products represents a dream project. Rebecca has been able to combine over 20 years of practical experience with the expertise of leading British cosmetic chemists to create truly unique, natural, effective aromatherapy products.

The appreciation and respect of nature and our environment combined with social responsibility and consideration towards future generations underpin the values of Beatitude. These principles together with the desire and passion to create high quality, natural beauty products are at the very heart of Beatitude’s identity, development and drive.

I really hope you enjoy the Beatitude products.

what makes beatitude different

The exquisite and unusual plant oils that have been selected for the Beatitude products give a superior and luxurious texture, which provides superb hydration and nourishment to the skin.
Beatitude Peace Bath Oils

Our bath, body and facial oils are easily absorbed and avoid any greasy, oily feeling that is often associated with traditional oil based products. The Beatitude Bath oils DISPERSE in the water and avoid the greasy residue that you get with traditional bath oils.

Some of the beautiful plant oils that have been selected for Beatitude products include Peach Kernel oil, Oat oil, Camellia oil and Daikon Radish Seed oil.

There are no cheap bulking agents in any of our products and each ingredient has a specific benefit and purpose.

Only pure essential oils are used in the Beatitude products and these aromatherapy blends have been expertly created by British aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor. Nature has given us a bountiful choice of beautiful fragrances that are derived from plants. Our natural plant extracts have been carefully selected due to the therapeutic qualities – the fact that they smell so good is an added gift from nature. There are no synthetic fragrances in any of our products.

As we do not use any harsh chemicals within the Beatitude products they are kinder your skin and kinder to the environment as the products are fully biodegradable.

We NEVER test our products on animals.

discover a unique and distinctive aromatherapy experience with the Beatitude Bath Oils, Body Oils, Facial Oils, Pillow Spray and Aromatherapeutic Candles.

We have given careful consideration and thought to the packaging of our products – aiming to reduce waste and to be more environmentally friendly.

The beatitude packaging is recyclable and the paper of the bag is even compostable and the glass bottles can also be re-cycled and re-used – they make beautiful single stem vases but if you have any other creative suggestions or pictures please do let us know and we will put your ideas on our website.

All beatitude products are manufactured in Britain.

For more information please email us here.


Green Parent Natural Beauty Award Sliver for Beat Bath Treat 2015
Winner of the Platinum Award 2014
Bronze award for the Free From Skincare Awards 2014
Finalist for the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2014
Commended in the Free From Skincare Awards 2013
Beauty Awards Shortlist 2013 - Finalist